Apostolate & Charism

  1. Propagation of the Adoration to the Most Holy Trinity

    The Sisters primary objective is to propagate the adoration to the Most Holy Trinity to individuals and families in the convent. They have their own schedules in adoring, glorifying, praising and thanksgiving to the Blessed Trinity. With the fervent desire of the founder, Mother Elena Suico, THDW, to have the Holy Trinity be known by all, in her own little way and with the help of the benefactors, Mother Elena was able to build the first Shrine of the Holy Trinity in Campaog, Pitalo, San Fernando, Cebu last September 2008.. Through this Shrine, the Holy Trinity has been known by the people who are now followers of the Blessed Trinity.

  2. House-to-house Evangelization

    The Sisters are doing the house to house evangelization to spread the word of God and let the people know the Holy Trinity not only through his image but also the message He wants to impart to the people. They read them scriptures from the Bible.

  3. Taking care of the destitute children, abandoned, orphaned, depressed, etc.

  4. Taking care of the elderly and of retired priest

  5. Giving retreats and recollections

    The Sisters give retreats and recollection to the children and the staff. By doing these activities, the children and the staff are given the opportunity to know more about themselves and strengthen their spiritual values the teachings that the Sisters impart to them. The Sisters, too, have also their own retreats and recollection.

  6. Counseling and Healing

    The Sisters are doing counseling to people who are in need especially to the children. They also do healing prayers.