• General Objective

    To enable the child to return to her/his family responsible and able to help build her/ his family and community.

  • Specific Objective

    • To provide temporary care and service to the child meanwhile the most appropriate placement arrangement is being workout.
    • To protect the child from further neglect, abuse and exploitation.
    • To enable the child to benefit from group living and prepare for her/his eventual return to family life in the community through:
      1. Development of capabilities and abilities to effectively assess her/his potential for growth development
      2. Motivate and assist the child to develop his/her talents in relating with other people
      3. Develop a sense of responsibility towards family and community as a whole
      4. Provision of opportunities for behavior modification, education and skills development.
    • To nurture the well being of poor children and instill in them the awareness of the existence of the Most Holy Trinity so that they may grow up to be adults who are morally upright and socially responsible.
    • To effect linkages with other institutions for effective implementation of programs and services.