How the Holy Trinity SHRINE, Sisters Convent and Mount Calvary were Built?

The building of a Shrine of the Holy Trinity together with the Sister's Convent, are one of the visions of Mother Elena O. Suico, THDW and founder of the TRINITARIAN HANDMAIDS OF THE DIVINE WORD. When she visited her hometown in Cebu, somebody offered her a parcel of lot wherein a part of it will be donated to the Sisters. With her fervent desire to get the other lot, she tried to look for generous benefactors to so that they will be able to get the whole lot.

Mother Elena encountered different problems while in the process of negotiating with the owner in buying the lot but it did not stop her from pursuing her ardent desire to buy it for constructing the Shrine and the Convent. There was a time when the work of evil almost eaten her up, but because Mother Elena hold on to her faith, she was able to survive that one unforgettable experience.

After a long negotiation, they were finally able to buy the lot. The start of the construction has not been started because the Sisters don't have yet the money. Until one day, they met Architect Florida who offered his services together with their resources to start the construction of the SHRINE and the Sister's Convent. Before the blessing of the SHRINE and the Sister's Convent , the most loving Trinity - Father Son and Holy Spirit had ever graciously given us the Holy Trinity Shrine and the Sisters' Convent through three very generous people -a lady from Manila had the Shrine erected and a couple from Quezon City, paid the Convent which we were supposed to pay to the Architect and his company by installment. Finally on January 18, 2008, Bishop Antonio Tobias has blessed the site of the Shrine. The starts of the construction, groundbreaking and signing of contracts were done on May 2008 after the mass officiated by Fr. Felix Dela Cruz. After four(4) of construction, they were blessed by His Excellency Most Rev. Julito B. Cortez, D.D. on September 24, 2008. The blessing was attended by the different sectors of the Society coming from different walks of life. Sponsors and visitors flown in from Manila just to witness the first ever-built Shrine of the Most Holy Trinity in the Archdiocese and personally see the wonders of God.

This year, 2009, our Lord arranged that the Life-sized stations of the Cross be erected in "Mount Calvary" near the Holy Trinity Shrine for CONVERSION REPARATION AND ATONEMENT FOR SINS. The said stations of the cross were donated by our t generous benefactors. These were blessed by Msgr. Cris Garcia last June 18, 2009, eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart. All who attended the first way of the Cross led by Monsignor were granted Plenary Indulgences.

This year, a grand mother last July 17 came to heartily thank our Lord for delivering his alcoholic grandson from sure death. On July 14, Sunday she prayed the way of the Cross in our MOUNT CALVARY. In her testimony she said that when she saw our Lord Jesus, wounded and bleeding, she cried and very fervently asked Him to cover her grandson with His most precious Blood and to deliver him from all harm. The following day, he went again drinking. In the night he was mauled by 4- member gang and was left almost dead. Early in the next morning many of her neighbors went to their house asking her if his grandson is already dead but he was alive and well. Thanks to God's great miracle.

The Blessed Trinity continues to do many surprises in the Hill of Campaog for us and for pilgrims from different places. He claims the Hill to be His very own. We sense very strongly that there are still many things the Lord would like to do here in order to make this place awesomely SACRED and HOLY for His greater HONOR and GLORY.