Our Congregation started with strong awareness that many people in our country are living and suffering terribly under the vicious cycle of poverty who left alone cannot extricate themselves from their inhuman condition. We believe that our Lord in His great compassion desires to liberate them. We have been helping families of our poor brothers and sisters. In 1993 we opened the Holy Trinity Home for Children and took to our care those whose parents are too poor to educate them. We feed and clothe them and give them elementary and high school education.

By the little we are doing in the name of the Holy Trinity, we hope to contribute in cutting the vicious cycle of poverty. We pray that the children we help will finish their education and avoid repeating the degrading condition their parents have by cooperating with the grace of God, and by industry and self determination.

The TRINITARIAN HANDMAIDS OF THE DIVINE WORD is dedicated to adoring and glorifying the Blessed Trinity and in serving Him in the poor.